30 things to do before….


Well that seems like a customary way to start.

So, today is my birthday (Yay!). As  my birthday next year is sort of a big one, I’ve put together the obligatory “30 things to do before…” blog.

So following fantastic input from lots of amazing people, I now have a list of 30 things that I either want to experience or have been outright dared to do from now in the year leading up to my next big birthday. Lots of people say “Before this age I want to get married, have kids, have a mortgage, do career stuff and become a general grown up”. This is totally cool and for those who achieve those things, I tip my hat. This list is more about reminding myself and anyone else who is interested that age is in the mind. Wherever we are in life and whatever our circumstances we should still be open to new experiences and to be able to laugh at ourselves and have fun, because it is when we let life teach us how to forget these things that we truly start to grow old. I’m not saying we should all go out and buy a Ferrari (but hey, if you’re offering…), but I’d like to remember that life does not stop with, and is not defined by age.

In conjunction with this list, I’m using this (a slight ulterior motive) to raise awareness for the M.E. Association. I’ve openly suffered from this pain in the arse condition for nearly five years now, and it is very adept at trying to put a halt on your life and everything in it. This blog is also a big middle finger at that. The longer I’ve suffered from this, the more I’ve learned how misunderstood it is and how little people know about it (including the medical profession), and how knowing just the basics will make life SO much easier for anyone you know who you may have it. Chances are, they’re not faking and they’re not lazy, and as much as the condition sucks, it’s the treatment of sufferers from society that can be the real crux of it. More info on it can be found at www.meassociation.org.uk.

So…..*Drum Roll* – the list!! 

1. Throw a drink in someone’s face like in the films

2. Get into a London cab and cry “Follow that car!”

3. Run into a shop asking what year it is, and when being told the year, shout “it worked!”

4. Go into a pub dressed as a cowboy with white chocolate and shout ‘Milky Bars are on me!

5. Go camel racing – Joseph’s Amazing Camels in Warwickshire

6. Pole dancing lesson

7. Read a literary classic that you haven’t read but feel like you should

8. Paint a picture and auction it, so you can become a celebrated artist who has sold a painting

9. Climb a mountain – Wales/Snowdon?

10. Eat a weird type of animal meat.

11. Holi Festival

12. Squashed Fairy shoot (You’ll get it when you see it)

13. Europe’s longest zip wire – Wales

14. Take part in a charity event

15. The three dessert challenge (Curious, eh?!)

16. Abseiling

17. Watch all of the Monty Python films in one sitting

18. Watch the sunrise from Westbury White Horse

19. Learn the V for Vendetta monologue

20. A day at Go Ape

21. Take a mop into a bar and convince someone that it is your friend

22. Host a dinner party and cook a 3 course meal from scratch

23. Give free hugs to some strangers

24. Go on a Llama trek

25. Body painting

26. Learn a ballroom dance

27. Participate in a ‘calendar’. Yes, calendar girls style. Classy, like. This isn’t Loaded.

28. Speak in a foreign accent for a day.

29. Successfully go running (I haven’t been able to for nearly 2 and a half years)

30. Learn to service my own car (MAN POINTS)

So there we go. I’ll provide evidence of all of them. I’ll also improve the look of this blog as I get used to using this new fangled young-person thing. Take care all; I’m off to the pub…

Love & hugs, Elkie



2 thoughts on “30 things to do before….”

  1. If you’re donating money to charity you will tick off number 14 throughout ur self imposed challenges.
    Good luck with them all 🙂
    Still think a wing walk should have been one :):)

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