No.1: Throw a drink in someone’s face like in the films

Okay. So here we are. Quite what I was thinking when I published this list of what are essentially dares to carry out for the next year, I really don’t know, but the time has come when I actually have to start honouring it. Good grief…

The reaction so far has been amazing, and whilst I’m using this to have a year of tremendous fun and to entertain all of you, I’m also using it to raise awareness and understanding of M.E. Some of you have said that if I carry out these dares as promised, you’ll actually donate money to the charity. I never set this up to chase any of you for cash, just to raise awareness, but for those who have offered I thank you SO much and the link to do so is below. So often when people ask me what I do outside of Touchstone, I tell them it is limited because of this condition and the reaction is often that they have never heard of it, though they’re often keen to know more, so on this link is also a description of what the condition is and outline of what those who are experiencing it go through.

Ok, the video!!! When saying I was going to do this, one of the first people to offer her services was the wonderful Angie Miller (who also happens to be Touchstone’s merch girl). She deserves a proverbial round of applause for being such a good sport. The volume’s bit low, but starts with the line “Your arse looks fat in those jeans”. Enjoy.

All's well that ends well!

All’s well that ends well!


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