No.8 Paint a picture and auction it amongst your friends to become a celebrated artist who has sold a painting

Ok, so as you’ll have guessed these tasks are not being performed in numerical order. Such is the beautiful spontaneity of life.

So today’s task involved a trip to a small village near Melksham where my lovely friend Wednesday and I could throw paint around in a quiet enough environment not to get caught. FYI – we cleaned the bench afterwards!

I don’t know where to auction the painting off yet, possibly at Trinity depending on how many uber cool items we already have, otherwise it’ll be an Ebay job.

1. We watched the sunrise before heading to the park for the painting (blog to follow), not the sunset as my sleep deprived delirious mind will tell you.

2. Yes, I know it’s ‘wingardium leviosa’, not ‘Lingardium leviosa’, because I know a fellow Harry Potter nut will notice (I’d be disappointed if you didn’t!!).

I call this ‘Smiling Through Chaos.’

Enjoy 🙂

Love ‘n’ hugs

Elkie xxx


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