No. 18 – Watch the sunrise from Westbury White Horse


Wow, these tasks are on a roll! This is the third completed task with the fourth on the way very soon.

So, on Saturday the 22nd March, my friend Wednesday and I left my place at 5am and raced against the sun to Westbury. The hill is famous for having an enormous chalk horse carved into the side but also has panoramic views of the local landscape. In short, it’s really perty. It just so happens that Wednesday is also an avid photographer, hence the lovely photos I have been lucky enough to be able to include at the end of this as my proof.

I recommend for everyone to do this at least once. Sitting and watching the sky around us change colour by the second was beautiful; every time you look in another direction the view has changed, and to actually see the sun raise (seemingly) inch by inch made us feel that the sun was ours for that day. We’d somehow witnessed its birth to daytime.

Anyhoo, before I start lighting more incense and hugging trees, here are some glorious photos from the morning as the sun came up, and before we ran down the road with a giant canvas and a load of poster paint (see #8).

Love ‘n’ hugs,

Elkie xxx














Suffice to say, I was asleep again by lunchtime. Until next time, peeps! xxx


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