No. 12 – Squashed Fairy Shoot

So before I go into the fairy shoot, a little more about the reason for this blog. I’m using it as a fun way to raise awareness of ME/CFS. The name is actually undergoing a proposed change to “Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease”, or SEID, because it is more than being tired, and that people are sensitive to various forms of exertion, be it physical, cognitive or emotional (stress). For example, the cognitive stuff. Many people like to disappear into their own heads as a reprieve from the real world for a while, which can be relaxing. For some with ME/CFS, it is as though you have gone into your head, only to find that someone has locked the door behind you, and you’re stuck in there with all of the bits that scare you, sometimes for years. This impacts your whole awareness of the world around you, and concentration is impossible. Playing gigs like it is definitely a character building experience. If you meet someone with ME and they seem a bit out of it, please try to be patient and understanding. To be fair, most do see the funny side that they spent the morning trying to fit their cornflakes in the freezer or put pickled onions in the cat bowl.

So onto the fun stuff again!!

Ok, so squashed fairies; I feel the need to explain. Terry Jones of Monty Python fame wrote a book entitled “Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairies”. Lady Cottington collected fairies from the bottom of her garden and pressed them like flowers. Here are some examples:




Beautiful, huh? So, my good friend Wednesday started a photography project based on these photos. On a warm, sunny day in the Westcountry, she had me lying on the floor in a dainty dress, pulling some really fun facial expressions. Add some magical wings and fairy dust, and here it is. Elkie Seviour, the squashed fairy (click on the photo to enlarge).


Prog Magazine’s 2013 heartthrob. Let that sink in for a while 😉

Keep tuned for the race of the blog items. I will add that the zip-wire will be completed late for geographical/logistical reasons on the 20th March. I’m endeavoring to get through the rest before the 7th March.


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