No. 21 – Take a mop into a bar and convince people that it is my friend

Well this one was easier than expected. I don’t whether this says more about the task or the town I live in (believe me, either could be true knowing this place! I love it though).

So, I went into a bar with George the mop. Here he is:


He was up for a good time.

When taking him into the bar, people just came up to me and asked me who he was. On replying “he is George”, they just replied “Oh, hello George!”. Well, that was easy.


We had fun checking out the talent….


…and he raised a few eyebrows.

IMG_8049a IMG_8050a

…still, he was a big hit with the ladies…


…and got on really well with the lads.


Still, no night out on the tiles is the same without pulling a hot lady bouncer. He obviously likes strong women.


Oh, George; you’re bungalowed again! Someone needs a kebab.


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