No. 25 – Body Painting

Well, that started well. I nearly typo’d and wrote ‘boy painting’, which really isn’t something I’d want to be blogging about. So now, post-proof reading, the body painting.

After a lot of online hunting to find reputable body painters and not just a pervert with a dark room and a paint brush, I was pointed towards the Body Painting League, who welcomed me with open arms and a great deal of reassuring professionalism. It was the 15th February, so the theme was ‘The Art of Love’ (awwww). I also had a pair of lovely artists (Sara and Julie) who not only had a fantastic sense of humour and weren’t perturbed by my inappropriate jokes (they apparently secured my return), they got me a spot next to the HEATER. It’s like they know me. Bear in mind that when being painted, you don’t wear much, and there was ice on the grass outside.

Making preparations….

20150215_093505 20150215_093459


I’ve got to stick them where?!?


After about 6 hours of painting, and lots of chatting, dancing and communal singing

along to Pink Floyd, the finished result…

20150215_175831Kim Seviour-9

This piece is called “‘Til Death Do Us Part”. Note the lady looking up at the sugar skull. Such a clever piece,

and I feel lucky to have been a part of it.

Thank you to Sara Theobald and Julie Mansfield for the amazing artwork (especially Sara as it was her first full body paint), Matthew Phillips for the wonderful photo above, and to all at the Body Paint League for supporting me so much so that I could get this blog post done. They really did get into the spirit and go out of their way for me. In fact, I’m going back later this month to be painted as a super hero.

See? People with M.E can still have fun. And get near-naked with strangers.



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