No. 9 – Climb a mountain (Snowdon)

“There ain’t no mountain high enough…”

Well, sorry to disappoint you, Marvin, but I beg to differ.

So some of you may ask “Well, how come you’ve got M.E. but you can climb a mountain?”

I say that’s a very valid question. People with M.E have very different limitations. Some are housebound, some bedbound. Some are in wheelchairs. Some can still work but just get tired and end up taking a lot of time off. Others can complete exercises like this but pay for it afterwards. Sometimes immediately, sometimes not for another 24-48 hours. When completing something like this,  I needed to prepare for it very carefully, and deliberately chose the mountain with a train that could take me back down. This was just as well as you’ll see by the end of the video that I was pretty much out of it, and I passed out/fainted in the cafe area and had to be helped onto a train because by that point I couldn’t walk anywhere anymore. I shaln’t do it again any time soon but I’m proud to say it’s been done. Once back at the bottom and away from the altitude though, I perked back up and we all went home for a well deserved rest! I was joined by the fabulous Wednesday, Bill Evans, Howard Sinclair and Dudley Burrows, who made the whole experience wonderful. See the video below for how much fun we had!

Oh, and for the Game of Thrones fans out there (and those who didn’t have a clue what the Peter Dinklage thing was about, this might enlighten you….

Peeeeeter, Peeeeter, Peter Dinklage (Peter Dinklage, Peter Dinklage)

Until next time!


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