No. 17: Watch all of the Monty Python films in one sitting

So, we did it. We watched all of the Monty Python films in one sitting (By ‘we’. I mean myself, Wednesday, Howard and Bill). There’s not a lot to show for this, however we made a fun game which included squeaking a child’s toy every time a noteworthy quote came up. This coupled with the amount of port/beer/Domino’s¬†we had made for some seriously loud moments. We started with And Now For Something Completely Different, moved onto Life of Brian, then to Meaning of Life and ended with the ever memorable Holy Grail. We stayed awake for the lot. Honest.

I promise the item on the left is a child’s toy.








This little chap is Sir Edmund Brainfreeze. No ridiculous event is complete without a mascot, and he now lives in the lounge. Cute little beggar, ain’t he? Thanks to Wednesday’s Mum for her wonderful skill in making him.




No. 6: Pole Dancing lesson.

Oh yes! Now this one was fun, although I write this today lacking the ability to walk in a straight line or move my arms. Totally worth it. Mr friend Ginny and I met a wonderful lady from the Wiltshire company Pole Krazee called Gina. I found out how many ways one can lose one’s dignity whilst hanging upside down on a pole. Turns out there are quite a few.

The health benefits of pole dancing are apparently limitless, although it’s best not to ask me for them on the morning after my first session.

Also, it was cold.

I want to thank Gina and Ginny for being sporting enough to help me with this, and for giving me a fantastic taster lesson to get a great idea of how pole works. I’d thoroughly recommend it.

And yes, I’m glad I wore two pairs of shorts. Dignity loss #74 narrowly averted.





No. 29 – Successfully Go Running

Oh yes; it happened!

Ok, so why should running be such a big thing?

People with ME/CFS react to different things in different ways. That’s one of the reasons people often find us lazy or think that we’re faking, because what one of us can’t do, another one can. I got to the stage where my body couldn’t handle running. I tried, I really did. However, the pressure it put on my nervous system was too much and as soon as the adrenaline kicked in, it would result in me having a panic attack at the side of the road. As you’ll imagine, this is far from fun.

For this reason, I haven’t run since October 2011, when it just got too much and I stopped, but vowed to get to the stage where I could start again. After discovering a great new martial art called Systema, which is designed to calm the nervous system in stressful situations, I was given some great breathing techniques to try, and as a consequence, today I ran 0.8 miles in about 20 minutes. Proof is provided with a magical little app what is claiming to be my coach through this process, although I’ll keep updating this entry with new times and increasing distances as I make progress in the future.

You don’t really want to see a photo of a puffed out sweaty me, so instead here is a link provided from my app of all the morbid exercise details:

Until next time peeps ūüôā

Love ‘n’ hugs,

Elkie xxx

No.14 – Take Part In a Charity Event


So, it’s been a little quiet¬† on here but I assure you that things are bubbling and events are being planned!

I’ve been lucky with this one as I’ve been able to perform at TWO charity events in the past few weeks. ‘Bootcamp In Ballgowns’ was a charity ball which started off with a fitness drill performed by sponsored individuals wearing ball gowns – men included.




(Photos were taken from the FB event page, and taken by Michelle Glass photography.)

I performed a half hour set including two Abba songs with wonderful friend and Crimson Sky singer Jane Setter. Everyone was amazing and it was great to see everyone throw themselves into  it with such gusto! The event was the brainchild of Sarah Bailey, and raised over £1700 for Myeloma UK.

Secondly was Trinity. Trinity was originally supposed to be a 2 day touring festival with Magenta, Touchstone and The Reasoning, but sadly Magenta’s singer, Tina Booth, was diagnosed with breast cancer in October, so it was reorganised into a one day charity event. We couldn’t have done this were it not for the hard work of the organisers,¬†and the generosity of those who donated for, and paid into the raffles and auctions, and to Chris Lynch and the Leamington Assembly for donating the venue. Class act, guys!!¬†The line up included Arena, Touchstone, The Reasoning,¬† Heather Findlay, Alan Reed, Lost¬†In Vegas and Matt Stevens.¬†Magenta also managed to perform though and played a blinder of a set.¬†The day was amazing, and we have been told that funds in the region of ¬£10,000 was raised for charity research, including breast cancer and brain tumour charities. A massive THANK YOU to everyone who came. Suffice to say, much beer was consumed aftershow. The venue, Leamington Assembly, also has an awesome backstage area with many things to play on, which we all did because, well,¬† you have to don’t you?! More photos available on good old FB.




Until next time, when I shall undoubted be doing something very silly. Only another 25¬† to go! ūüėČ

Love ‘n’ hugs

Kim xxx



No. 18 – Watch the sunrise from Westbury White Horse


Wow, these tasks are on a roll! This is the third completed task with the fourth on the way very soon.

So, on Saturday the 22nd March, my friend Wednesday and I¬†left my place at 5am and raced against the sun to Westbury. The hill is famous for having an enormous chalk horse carved into the side but also has panoramic views of the local landscape. In short, it’s really perty. It just so happens that Wednesday is also an avid photographer, hence the lovely photos I have been lucky enough to be able to include at the end of this as my proof.

I recommend for everyone to do this at least once. Sitting and watching the sky around us change colour by the second was beautiful; every time you look in another direction the view has changed, and to actually see the sun raise (seemingly) inch by inch made us feel that the sun was ours for that day. We’d somehow witnessed its birth to daytime.

Anyhoo, before I start lighting more incense and hugging trees, here are some glorious photos from the morning as the sun came up, and before we ran down the road with a giant canvas and a load of poster paint (see #8).

Love ‘n’ hugs,

Elkie xxx














Suffice to say, I was asleep again by lunchtime. Until next time, peeps! xxx

No.8 Paint a picture and auction it amongst your friends to become a celebrated artist who has sold a painting

Ok, so as you’ll have guessed these tasks are not being performed in numerical order. Such is the beautiful spontaneity of life.

So today’s task involved a trip to a small village near Melksham where¬†my lovely friend Wednesday and I¬†could throw paint around in a quiet enough environment not to get caught. FYI – we cleaned the bench afterwards!

I don’t know where to auction the painting off yet, possibly at Trinity depending on how many uber cool items we already have, otherwise it’ll be an Ebay job.

1. We watched the sunrise before heading to the park for the painting (blog to follow), not the sunset as my sleep deprived delirious mind will tell you.

2. Yes, I know it’s ‘wingardium leviosa’, not ‘Lingardium leviosa’, because I know a fellow Harry Potter nut will notice (I’d be disappointed if you didn’t!!).

I call this ‘Smiling Through Chaos.’

Enjoy ūüôā

Love ‘n’ hugs

Elkie xxx

No.1: Throw a drink in someone’s face like in the films

Okay. So here we are. Quite what I was thinking when I published this list of what are essentially dares to carry out for the next year, I really don’t know, but¬†the time has come when I actually have to start honouring it.¬†Good grief…

The reaction so far has been amazing, and whilst I’m using this¬†to have a year of tremendous¬†fun and to entertain all of you, I’m also using it to raise awareness and understanding of M.E. Some of you have said that if I carry out these dares as promised, you’ll actually donate money to the charity. I never set this up to chase any of you¬†for cash, just to raise awareness,¬†but for those who have offered I thank you SO much and the link to do so is below. So often when people ask me what I do outside of Touchstone, I tell them it is limited because of this condition and the reaction is often¬†that they have never heard of it, though they’re often¬†keen to know more, so on this link is also a description of what the condition is and outline of what those who are experiencing it go through.

Ok, the video!!! When saying I was going to do this, one of the first people to offer her services was the wonderful Angie Miller (who also happens to be Touchstone’s merch girl).¬†She deserves a proverbial round of applause for being such a good sport. The volume’s bit low, but starts with the line “Your arse looks fat in those jeans”. Enjoy.

All's well that ends well!

All’s well that ends well!